Saturday, 21 April 2018

April 2018 An afternoon trip to Upton Warren a great nature reserve

I always enjoy a trip to Upton Warren reserve.  It is well looked after and maintained.  The bird species are amazing and often come in quite close to the hide.  I was hoping to see the Glossy Ibis that has been reported there.  On the board walk on the way to the flashes hide someone told me that it had just dropped in.  Unfortunately it stayed out of site in the reeds during my visit but there was plenty to see.

Whimbrel feeding

Oyster catcher



Little Ringed Plover preening
Getting so close to the Whimbel was a really exciting moment.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

April 2018 Looking promising for Barn Owl, but must defend off Grey Squirrels and Stock Doves

I use my Trail Camera to monitor my nest boxes and check out any activity.  I am so pleased that the Barn Owls look to be taking up residence for the second year running.  The boxes were only erected three years ago.  This picture shows the great competition for these new homes with Grey Squirrels and stock Doves all looking for an opportunity.

Barn Owls, Stock Doves, Grey Squirrels 

Even though daylight the opposition need chasing off
I hate to be bias in nature, but come on the Barn Owls!

Sunday, 15 April 2018

April 2018 Awsome evening in the company of Short Eared Owls and Barn Owl

A great evening in the company of two of my favourite birds.  There were two short Eared Owls and one barn owl on the wing.  This was just so exciting.  The short Eared Owls will only be here for a few more weeks before they disappear up north.  The Barn Owl hopefully will keep us company throughout the year as it is a resident breeding bird in the area.

Short Eared Owl concentrating on the hunt

Barn Owl hovering over the Grassland

Saturday, 14 April 2018

April 2018 Great excitement Osprey in Gloucestershire

The light has stayed low and murky but I could not resist a journey to see the Ospreys that have been seen for the last few days in Gloucestershire.  It's just too great news to keep away.  It was there when I arrived but a long way off in very poor light.  It is great though to have this charismatic bird hanging around in our county.  I am really hoping it stays for at least next week when the weather forecast is much better with clear skies and sunshine.

Long shot but great to see
So welcome what a bird.  It would be so great if these are ever encouraged to breed in Gloucestershire as we have plenty of watery areas such as the Cotswold Water Park.  I am wondering if we could have a translocation project as has happened with great success at Rutland Water.  I have not heard of this but what an attraction this would be!

Thursday, 12 April 2018

April 2018 Little Egrets seem to be increasing in numbers

I still clearly remember seeing my first Little Egret in the UK and being very excited a few years back.  I hope I never take them for granted but it is amazing as they become a regular sighting how you can do this.  Note to my self these really are beautiful birds.

Little Egret

Little Egret
I must find out how many there are in the UK now.  A bit of research perhaps.

Saturday, 7 April 2018

April 2018 Great Grey Shrike new diet opportunities

The more I watch the local Great Grey Shrike the more my admiration grows.  As bees are now emerging today it seems to be relishing the new opportunity.  I saw it catch about five in about an hour.  They have such a broad diet and I have seen images of them with : Voles, Lizards, birds and insects.  This really is a brilliant bird.

Great Grey Shrike with bee

Another bee
It will not be here much longer this year as it will soon leave for its breeding ground.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

April 2018 Something juicy from the larder - Great Grey Shrike

I just had an awesome experience this afternoon watching this Great Grey Shrike devour a field vole from its thorn bush larder.  Most of the time it was partially obscured by branches, but I managed to get a few images when it moved slightly.  This was a thing I thought I would never see, and I will never forget.

Vole entrails lovely!